Sing Love would like to thank all the people who worked so tirelessly worked on the creation of this album.

Special thanks to Northview Church and the call of leadership that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has placed upon our Lead Pastor Steve Poe and the Godly men and women of the Elder and Trustee Boards.

You never stop seeking to make Northview a bright city on a hill and, for that, the lives of countless people will forever be changed!

To the amazing Student Ministry team at Northview Church: Thank you Kurt Brodbeck, Kent Bjurstrom, Drew Hall, Zach Matchett, Arron Crull, Rod Adkins, Jenn Blessing, Judy Golden, Molly Finnegan, Caleb Beaverson, Ben Sanborn and Micah Beckwith.

To the Sing Love Board of Directors: Thank you Matt Morrison, Kathryn Henricksen, Tyler Sansom, and Micah Beckwith. Your Godly leadership and prayer over the Sing Love ministry is felt on a daily basis!

To the families and spouses of those in the Sing Love worship collective: We know that as loved ones to those called into the ministry of the Gospel it is not an easy task. The late nights home alone and the consistent tug from a hurting world that calls your family member away on a regular basis is not easy. But by the grace of God you have always been there to support and cheer us on in the race that is set before us. We could not do this without your love and support!

To the incredible Northview production teams: Thank you for worshiping our Lord with such excellence in the arts! Greg Wallace, Nathan Miller, Dave Stillwell, Ryan Eads, Austin Fox-Welter, Jake Harley, Larry Gonzalez, Evan Rodecap, and Kevin Smith.

To the amazing student band and tech crew with the Sing Love collective: Thank you Izzy Steenberg, Noah Graham, Hayden Teteak, Jared Harvey, Natalie Cawston, Neil Bowen, Ben Neal, Blake Barker, Adam Shewmaker, Jacob Raifsnider, Jeff Young, Jeremy West, John Groom, Matt Smith, Micah Beckwith, Jonah Lane, Logan Morrison, Dallas Monk, Amos Shroll, Kathryn Henricksen, Mitch Woods, Ann Bodkin, Atalie Altman, Julia Ammons, Larry Gonzalez, Molly Finnegan, Morgan Morrison, Natalie Duerksen, Rebecca Emch, Scott Corman, Emily Krohn, Gina Dietrich, Grace Henricksen, Kyle Schultz, Jared Huhta, Paige Laplante, The Smart family, the Morrison family, the Henricksen family, the Beckwith family and the Snethen Family.

Sing Love would like to give a special thanks to Chase Webber of Gnome Studios in Nashville, TN and Chad Evans of the Gaither Studios in Alexandria, Indiana. Also, Tyler Sansom, Jake Harley, Travis Moore, and David Glenn. It has been an honor to work with such talented, passionate, and excellent live and studio sound engineers.